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Claudine Longet
Claudine Longet
Although French chanteuse Claudine Longet recorded a series of bewitchingly ethereal albums which are much revered by today's aficionados of smooth, sophisticated '60s pop, among the general public her career as a performer was ultimately dwarfed by the events of her personal life, most regrettably the 1976 shooting which killed her boyfriend, skiing star Spider Sabich. Longet was born in Paris on January 29, 1942; according to an excellent article in the magazine Girlyhead, she relocated to the U.S. at age 19, settling in Las Vegas and becoming the lead dancer in the Folies Bergère show. There she met crooner Andy Williams, with whom she'd earlier crossed paths while still a child in Paris. They were married in 1961, although the 14-year difference in their ages was the source of much controversy among Williams' fans.
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